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We gift first time Umatie users with a R150 voucher when they spend R500 or more.
Feel free to use the promo code: SIGNUP-150 in order to get a R150 discount off your first foodie order.
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We just LOVE LOCAL LIVING and have teamed up with our favourite local brands! Choose any of our Mealtime Accessories for your baby or kiddie as they are perfect for mealtime fun, or treat a friend with a baby shower gift or first birthday gift. When you order our Ama-zing Gif-ting, you’ll receive a R100 voucher PLUS a free earth-friendly gift bag and tag - no need for wrapping!

You can add any of our lovely weaning products when you do a foodie order or you can order them individually. Our Umatie branded coolers are also great to keep at hand for when you purchase Umatie foodies on the go.

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